Unpublished Documents: Case Studies

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Chula Vista (California) Police Department

Trailer Villa Mobile Home Park, 2004

Dallas Police Department 

Operation CLEAN: Community & Law Enforcement Against Narcotics, 1989

Delray Beach (Florida) Police Department

An Experiment in Community Policing, 1988

Edmonton (Alberta) Police Service

Abandoned Residence, 1994

Alzheimer Patients, 1995

Bicycle Identification/Education, 1995

Clandestine Chemical Laboratory, 1995 

Club Causes Increased Disturbances at WEM, 1994 

Conflict Management at School, 1994

Convenience Store Robberies, 1994

Downtown, 1993

Hazardous Traffic at Schools, 1991 

Hotel Promotes After Hour Activities, 1994 

Hotel Promotes Drug & Liquor Crimes, 1988 

Illegal Driver's License Photo ID, 1994 

Illegally Parked Vehicles, 1993 

Jaywalking, 1994 

Landlord & Tenant Disputes in Apartments, 1993 

Laundry Room Thefts, 1994 

Liquor-related Calls, 1993 

Livestock at Large, 1995 

Loitering Youths Upset Tenants, 1993

Mentally Disturbed Person, 1994 

Mentally Ill Youth Upsets Citizens, 1993 

Misuse of Parks by Drunks, 1993 

Mountain Bike Thefts, 1995 

Neighbour Trouble, 1995 

Noise Complaint, 1995 

Noisy Parties in Apartments, 1993 

Ongoing Neighbour Disputes, 1995 

Parking Complaint at Autobody Lot, 1994 

Parking Complaints, 1993 

Parking Complaints, 1994 

Problem Apartment Building, 1993 

Problem with Students, 1995 

Problem Youth Skateboarders, 1993 

Prostitutes Do Business in Back Alley, 1994 

Reoccurring Mac's Store Robberies, 1995 

Restaurant/Bar Disputes, 1993 

School Fights on Business Premises, 1994 

Service Station Robberies, 1991 

Stink Bombs in Schools, 1993 

Suspended Drivers, 1995 

Thefts from Auto, 1995 

Thefts from Autos, 1993 

Thefts from Autos at the Mall, 1993 

Tinted Window Enforcement Causes Problems, 1993 

Trouble with Man, 1995 

Trouble with Youths, 1995 

Trouble with Youths, 1995 

Vandalism to School, 1995 

Vehicles Off Roadway, 1995 

Welfare Frauds, 1992 

Youths Damage Park, 1994 

New Directions: C.I.D. Problem Solving Initiatives, 1992  

Policing Another Way: Volume I, 1992  

Lancashire (UK) Constabulary

Bike Safe 2000 Casualty Reduction Initiative, 1999 

Tanterton Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy, 1998 

The Burnley Youth Shelter: A Purpose Built Street Corner, 1999  

Vehicle Obstruction Warden Strategy (VOWS), 1999  

Merseyside (UK) Police

Problem Solving Policing: Cannabis Cafés, 1999 

Metropolitan (London, UK) Police Service

The Problem Oriented Approach: Four Pilot Studies1984   

Philadelphia Police Department

Problem-Oriented Approach to Drug Enforcement: Case Studies, 1989  

Portland (Oregon) Police Bureau 

Community Policing Profile: Making the Difference Together, 1992  

Port Washington (Wisconsin) Police Department

Fisherman's Park, North Beach, and Marina: An Active Approach, 2005  

Reno (Nevada) Police Department

Community Oriented Policing & Problem Solving: "C.O.P.P.S.", 1992 

San Diego Police Department

2701 Imperial Avenue, 1988 

5081 La Paz: Two Decades is Long Enough, 1988 

5492 Imperial Avenue, 1988 

Degelder and the "J" Street Blight, 1988 

POP Project Regarding Captain Sanders1989 

Problem Solving at 30th and Franklin1989 

Savannah (Georgia) Police Department

Problem Oriented Policing Project: 9108201 (Disco Night), 1991

Seattle Police Department

Problem Solving Case Studies, 1999 

Problem Solving: Nine Case Studies and Lessons Learned2000 

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department 

COP's Index File: Burglary and Vandalism Prevention, 1991 

Tampa Police Department

Case Study 2: College Hill Street Lights, 1989 

Case Study 4: College Hill Neighborhood Cleanup, 1989 

College Hill Homes: A Case Study, 1988 

Problem Oriented Policing: Drugs in Low-Income Housing, 1988 

Tulsa (Oklahoma) Police Department

Low-Income Housing v. Juvenile Offenders, 1989 

Murdock Villa: Tulsa Case Study, 1989 

Normandy Apartments, 1989 

Problem-Oriented Approach to Drug Enforcement: Drug Problem Inventory, 1989  

Problem-Oriented Approach to Drug Enforcement: Four Case Studies1989  

University at Buffalo (New York) Police Department

Problem-Solving File: Alumni Arena, 1994