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2023 POP Conference Presentations

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Goldstein Award Winner, Saving Spots: Tackling Ceremonial Leopard Skin Trade in Western Zambia, Panthera

  • Gareth Whittington-Jones, Aditya Malgaonkar & Tristan Dickerson

Goldstein Award Finalist, Sexual Offences Along the Basingstoke Canal, Surrey Police (UK)

  • Edward Lyons & David Bentley

Goldstein Award Finalist, Operation Blink (catalytic converter theft), Surrey Police (UK)

 Kate Hyder & Matt Sessions

Goldstein Award Finalist, Familiar Faces (people with mental illness), Durham Constabulary (UK)

  • Dave Coxon and Trisha Slack

Goldstein Award Finalist, Secure Your PDQ (credit card fraud), North Wales Police (UK)

  • Robert Rands & Annie Halstead

Reducing Vehicle Theft in Morelia (Michoacan, Mexico)

  • Alejandro González Cussi, City of Morelia (Michoacan, Mexico)

Homelessness-related Problems in Boulder, Colorado

  • Maris Herold & Daniel Reinhard, Boulder (Colorado) Police Department
  • Julie Wartell, crime analysis consultant

Reducing Repeat Residential Burglary Victimization in New Zealand

  • Emma Ashcroft, New Zealand Police

Increasing Reporting of Crime and Implementing CPTED in Rural New Zealand 

  • Emma Ashcroft, New Zealand Police 

Reducing Serious Violence in London through Problem-Oriented Policing

  • Aiden Sidebottom & Spencer Chainey, Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science, University College London

Police Crime Prevention Initiatives in the United Kingdom

  • Michael Brooke, Police Crime Prevention Initiatives

The Promise and Pitfalls of Online Reporting

  • Kris Henning, Portland State University

Alternative Responses to Citizen Requests for Police Service

  • Robin Engel, National Policing Institute
  • Matt Lunn, Denver Police Department
  • Lucy Larbalestier, City of Boulder (Colorado)

Police Response to Active Shootings

  • Andy Mills, Jason Lamb, William Moss & Ben Ryan, Palm Springs (California) Police Department

A Problem-Oriented Approach to Wildlife Crime

A Problem-Oriented Approach to Campus Policing

  • Brenda Bond-Fortier, Suffolk University (Massachusetts)

A Problem-Oriented Approach to Addressing Racial Disparities in Policing

  • Bob Scales, Police Strategies, LLC
  • Tamara Herold, University of Nevada-Las Vegas and National Institute of Justice

Introduction to Problem-Oriented Policing

  • Michael Scott, Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, Arizona State University

Introduction to Situational Crime Prevention

  • Rob Guerette, Florida International University

Introduction to Problem Analysis

  • Julie Wartell (crime analysis consultant)

The Power of CPTED: Cutting Crime with Urban Design

  • Greg Saville, SafeGrowth
  • Tarah Hodgkinson, Wilfrid Laurier University (Ontario, Canada)

Building Organizational Support for Problem-Oriented Policing

  • Lee Hunt, Madison (Wisconsin) Police Department

Stratified Policing

  • Rachel Santos, Radford University (Virginia)
  • Steve Redfearn, Boulder (Colorado) Police Department

SCRAPping Responses Likely to Fail

  • Shannon Linning, Simon Fraser University (British Columbia, Canada)
  • John Eck, University of Cincinnati (Ohio)
  • Dan Gerard, Peel9

Field Training to Support POP: PTO and Problem-Based Learning

  • Greg Saville, SafeGrowth

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