2018 Conference Presentations

Targeting Alcohol Use and Abuse to Reduce Crime in a University Town 

Corvallis, Oregon, USA

  • Police Officer James Dodge
  • Police Officer Trevor Anderson
  • Police Officer Luke Thomas
Mental Health Awareness Flag

Janesville, Wisconsin, USA

  • Lieutenant Mike Blaser
  • Police Officer Craig Klementz
Introduction to POP
  • Michael Scott, Clinical Professor and Director, Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, Arizona State University (USA)
Estimating and Responding to Near-repeat Burglaries in Philadelphia
  • Professor Liz Groff, Temple University (Pennsylvania, USA)
Discussion Session: Police Response to Suspicious Person Calls with a Possible Ethnic/Racial Bias
  • Gary Cordner, National Institute of Justice  (USA)
  • Derrick Jackson, Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office (Michigan, USA) 
Goldstein Finalist: Oho Ake: A Prevention Response to Indigenous Youth Offending

New Zealand Police 

  • Inspector Kevin Taylor
  • Sergeant Tom Brooks
  • Joshua Kalan, Iwi Liaison Officer
  • Pania Hetet, General Manager, Tūhoe Hauora
Introduction to Situational Crime Prevention
  • Associate Professor Rob Guerette, Florida International University (USA)
Measuring Organizational Systems for Problem Solving
  • Professor Rachel Boba Santos, Radford University (Virginia, USA)
  • Assistant Professor Roberto Santos, Radford University (Virginia, USA)
Retaliatory Violence in Rochester and Niagara Falls, New York
  • Professor John Klofas, Rochester Institute of Technology (New York, USA)
Goldstein Winner: Reducing Domestic Violence in Chula Vista, California
Chula Vista Police Department (California, USA) 
  • Chief of Police Roxana Kennedy
  • Agent Xanthe Rosario
  • Sergeant Donte Kendricks
  • Karin Schmerler, Program Coordinator, San Diego County District Attorney’s Office
Introduction to Problem-Analysis
  • Julie Wartell, Crime Analysis Consultant (California, USA)
Police Response to Opioid Abuse in Massachusetts

Plymouth County Outreach

Brockton Champion Plan

  • Professor Brandon Kooi, Aurora University (Illinois, USA)
  • Professor Sean Varano, Roger Williams University (Rhode Island, USA)
  • Executive Director Pamela Kelley, Kelley Research Associates
  • Executive Director Allie McDade, Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative
Goldstein Finalist: The Croft Unit: Who’s Behaving Badly?
Durham Constabulary (UK) 
  • Inspector Kelly Martin
  • Sergeant Emma Kay
  • Aileen Gilbert, Inspector, Care Quality Commission
Preventing Harm to the Vulnerable Elderly in Avon and Somerset, United Kingdom
  • Sergeant Ashley Jones
  • Sergeant Stuart King
Leveraging Community Partnerships as a Crime Reduction Strategy in Providence, Rhode Island
  • Captain Dean Isabella, Providence Police Department
Goldstein Finalist: Reducing Suicide: A Problem Solving Partnership Approach between British Transport Police and the Rail Industry 
British Transport Police (United Kingdom) 
  • Inspector Philippa Smith, British Transport Police
  • Mark Stokes, Crime Reduction Supervisor, British Transport Police
The Power of CPTED: Cutting Crime with Urban Design
  • Greg Saville, Urban Planner, AlterNation LLC (Colorado, USA)
Opioid Abuse and Overdoses in Reno, Nevada
  • Professor Emmanuel Barthe, University of Nevada-Reno (USA)
  • Stacy Ward, Drug Abuse Prevention Coordinator, Reno Police Department (Nevada, USA)
  • Deena DeVore, Graduate Student, University of Nevada-Reno (USA)
Implementing Problem-Oriented Policing Workshop
  • Professor Stuart Kirby, University of Central Lancashire (UK)
  • Michael Scott, Clinical Professor and Director, Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, Arizona State University (USA)
Understanding Crime Place Networks
  • Associate Professor Tamara Madensen, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA)
  • Chief of Police Maris Herold, University of Cincinnati (Ohio, USA)
Improving Policing in Ukraine
  • Chief Oleh Veloshyn, Holosiiv District, Ukraine
  • Robert Peacock, Senior Law Enforcement Advisor, U.S. DOJ/ICITAP
  • Ron Glensor, Senior Police Advisor, U.S. DOJ/ICITAP
New Training for Problem-solvers: PTO and PBL Programs
  • Greg Saville, Urban Planner, AlterNation LLC (Colorado, USA)

Policing Crime Hot Spots in Lowell Massachusetts: The Case of Place Approach Room

  • Professor Brenda Bond, Suffolk University (Massachusetts, USA)

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