2019 POP Conference Presentations

Goldstein Award Winner! Checkpoint Deferred Prosecution Scheme, Durham Constabulary (UK)

  • Presenters: Kevin Weir, Andy Crowe and Stephanie Killili 

Goldstein Award Finalist Community Peer Mentor Project, Durham Constabulary (UK)

  • Presenter: James Cunningham 

Goldstein Award Finalist Operation Notus: Methamphetamine Use and Related Crime, New Zealand Police

  • Presenters: Greg Willliams, Michael Varnam, Lloyd Schmid, Kirsti Luke and Chris Majoribanks  

Goldstein Award Finalist Psychoactive Substances, Vagrancy and Anti-Social Behaviour around the House of God, South Yorkshire Police (UK)

  • Presenters: Libby Bettney and Benedict Hanson  

Goldstein Award Finalist You Matter to Us:Youth and Family Harm Reduction, New Zealand Police

  • Presenters: Michael Kingston, Jan Dobson and Paul Reeves

Introduction to Problem-Oriented Policing

  • Presenter: Michael Scott, Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, Arizona State University

Introduction to Problem Analysis

  • Presenter: Julie Wartell

Introduction to Situational Crime Prevention

  • Presenter: Rob Guerette, Florida International University

PTO: Field Training to Support POP

  • Presenter: Greg Saville, AlterNation and The Police Society for Problem-Based Learning

The Power of CPTED: Cutting Crime with Urban Design

  • Presenter: Greg Saville, AlterNation and the International CPTED Association

Preparing Line Personnel to Work in a POP Environment

  • Presenters: Jerry Clayton, Derrick Jackson and J. Eric Waddell, Washtenaw County, Michigan, Sheriff's Office

Transforming Neighborhoods through Property Development: Leveraging Prosocial Community Networks

  • Presenters: Shannon Linning, Washington State University, and Daniel Gerard and John Eck, University of Cincinnati

Promoting Tactical and Strategic Problem Solving for Investigators

  • Presenters: Maris Herold and Michael Zidar, University of Cincinnati Police Department, and Tamara Herold, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

POP Revisited? Assessing and Advancing POP in England & Wales

  • Presenters: Aiden Sidebottom, University College London Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science, and Stuart Kirby

Reducing Initimate Partner Violence and Disturbances in Chula Vista, California 

  • Presenters: Karin Schmerler, Donte Kendricks and Xanthe Rosario, Chula Vista, California, Police Department

Policing Motorcycle Take-over Events: An Application of Focused Deterrence

  • Presenters: Lee Hunt and Timothy Harrison, Greenville, South Carolina, Police Department

Recovery Beyond Addiction: Addressing Opioid Abuse in Ohio

  • Presenters: Christine Hamilton and Jason Olson, Dayton, Ohio, Police Department

Central Park: Addressing Community Livability in Partnership with the Homeless

  • Presenters: Joel Goodwin and Dale Raybould, Corvallis, Oregon, Police Department

Reducing Auto Burglaries in Commerical Parking Lots

  • Presenter: Jason Potts, Vallejo, California, Police Department

Controlling Crime and Disorder at the Huntsmoor House Apartment Complex

  • Presenter: Sean Hathaway, Metropolitan Police Service (London, UK)

Arlington Restaurant Initiative: A Nightlife Policing Strategy

  • Presenters: Dimitrios (Jim) Mastoras and Christine Riccio, Arlington County, Virginia, Police Department

  • Proactive Alliance (supplemental report)

Drug Abuse and Homelessness in Las Cruces, New Mexico

  • Presenters: Brian Klimeck and Benjamin Berling, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Police Department

Assessing Threats: Early Efforts at Preventing Mass Casualty Events

  • Presenters: Arnold Vasquez, Brad Burrell, and Elizabeth Howard-Gibbons, Santa Cruz, California, Police Department

Targeting Help to High-risk Individuals: The Chelsea Hub Model

  • Presenter: Dan Cortez Chelsea, Massachusetts, Police Department


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