Tempe, Arizona

2016 POP Conference Presentations

Walmart Restorative Justice Program

Arlington Police Department

  • Asst. Chief Kevin Kolbye
  • Sgt. Jakisha Jones

Restoring Rundberg

Austin Police Department

  • Commander Donald Baker
  • Lt. Kevin Leverenz (Ret.)
  • Sr. Police Officer Taber White
  • Sr. Police Officer Rafael Kianes

Country Hearth Inn and Suites

Eau Claire Police

  • Brian Schneider

Economic-Based Policing

Phoenix Police Department

  • Commander Tim Hampton

Transformation Over Time

Neighbourhood Empowerment Team

Gang Injunctions: Tracking and Disrupting Inter-Gang Conflict in LA

California State University, San Bernadino
Center for Criminal Justice Research

  • Gisela Bichler

Employing Problem-Oriented Policing to Target Convenience Store Crime

Glendale, Arizona Smart Policing Initiative 

  • Commander Colby Brandt, Glendale Police Department
  • Chief Frank Balkcom, Page Police Department
  • Professor Michael D. White, Ph.D., Arizona State University

Intimate Partner Violence Intervention

High Point Police

Homeless Outreach Team 

Houston Police Department

  • Sgt. Steve Wick

A Problem-Oriented Policing Approach to Illegal Massage Establishments

Houston Police Department, Vice Division

  • Sgt. Mike Hill

Homelessness and Nuisance Behavior in Indio, California

The Community Outreach Resource Program 

  • Chief Richard Twiss, Indio Police Department
  • Tom Cox, Valley Rescue Mission
  • Ofc. Jose Ibarra, Indio Police Department
  • Assistant Professor Cody Telep, Arizona State University

SafeGrowth: Cutting Crime with Urban Design

AlterNation, LLC

  • Gregory Saville

Introduction to Problem-Oriented Policing

Arizona State University

  • Michael Scott

Introduction to Situational Crime Prevention

Florida International University, Miami

  • Associate Professor Rob T. Guerette

New Approaches to Intervening with Frequent Police Clients in the United Kingdom

University of Central Lancashire

  • Professor Stuart Kirby

Measuring Organizational Change for Problem Solving

Radford University Department of Criminal Justice

  • Professor Rachel Santos
  • Assistant Professor Roberto Santos

ReachOut: A Prevention First Response to Men Perpetrating Family Violence

New Zealand Police and Aviva

  • Inspector Corrie Parnell, New Zealand Police
  • Darryn Russell, Aviva Families

Strategic Neighborhood Interventions: The Community Prosecution Initiative

City of Milwaukee Community Prosecution Unit

  • Chris Ladwig, U.S. Attorney's Office
  • Ben Wesson, Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office

Policing Terrorism: Principles of Target Hardening and Evaluated Examples

  • Ronald V. Clarke

Zombie Houses: Addressing Distressed Properties

Portland Police Bureau 

  • Sgt. Randy Teig
  • Ofc. Joe Young
  • Ofc. Ryan Mele 

New Training for Problem-Solvers: PTO and PBL Programs

The Police Society for Problem Based Learning

  • Gregory Saville