2017 Conference Presentations


Place-Based Investigations of Violent Offender Territories (Goldstein Award Winner)
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  • Matthew Hammer, Lieutenant, Cincinnati Police Department
  • Blake Christenson, Senior Crime Analyst, Cincinnati Police Department
  • Ethel Cogen, NEP Manager, City of Cincinnati Department of Community and Economic  Development
  • Tamara Madensen, Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
PDF icon Illegal Massage Establishments (Goldstein Award Finalist)

Houston, Texas, USA

  • Mike Hill (Sergeant, retired), Houston Police Department
  • Michael Bruce, Crime Intelligence Analyst, Houston Police Department
 PDF icon Vacation of the Devil's Playground (Goldstein Award Finalist)

Eureka, California, USA

  • Stephen Watson, Chief of Police, Eureka, CA
  • Brian Stephens, Captain, Eureka Police Department 
  • Kelly Johnson, Supervising Mental Health Clinician, Department of Heath and Human Services,  Humboldt County, CA 
PDF icon Vulnerable Callers Project (Goldstein Award Finalist)

Lancashire, UK

  • Christina Shorrock, Inspector, Lancashire Constabulary
  • Christy Frampton, Analyst, Lancashire Constabulary 
  • Stuart Kirby, Professor, University of Central Lancashire
PDF icon Crime & Disorder at Motels

Chula Vista, California, USA

  • Karin Schmerler, Supervisory Crime Analyst, Chula Vista Police Department

PDF icon crime_disorder_at_motels_slides_chula_vista_california.pdf

PDF icon crime_disorder_at_motels_report_chula_vista_california.pdf

PDF icon crime_disorder_at_motels_permit_application_packet_chula_vista_california.pdf

PDF icon crime_disorder_at_motels_permit_agenda_statement_chula_vista_california.pdf

Chula Vista Project to Reduce Domestic Violence

Chula Vista, California, USA

  • Karin Schmerler, Supervisory Crime Analyst, Chula Vista Police Department
  • Norene Andersen, Police Agent, Chula Vista Police Department
  • Deborah Weisel, Assistant Professor, North Carolina Central University

 PDF icon domestic_violence_slide_presentation_chula_vista_california.pdf

PDF icon domestic_violence_cfs_crimes_data_collection_forms_chula_vista_california.pdf

PDF icon domestic_violence_3-day_follow-up_form_chula_vista_california.pdf

 PDF icon Procedurally Just Traffic Safety Initiative

Riley County, Kansas, USA

  • Josh Kyle, Captain, Riley County Police Department
  • Scott Hajek, Sergeant, Riley County Police Department 
  • Sue Williams, Associate Professor, Kansas State University
  • Dr. Lorenza Locket, Assistant Professor, Kansas State University

PDF icon procedurally_just_traffic_safety_initiative_riley_county_kansas_part_1.pdf

PDF icon procedurally_just_traffic_safety_initiative_riley_county_kansas_part_2.pdf

A New Policing Model in Ukraine

National Police of Ukraine

  • Andriy Kryshchenko, Deputy Chief of National Police, Chief of Kyiv Police
  • Olha Yuskevych, Assistant Deputy Chief of National Police, Assistant Chief of Kyiv Police

PDF iconAdult Civil Citation Program

  • Tom Olk, Chief Executive Officer, DISC Village Foundation
PDF icon Civil Citation Network
Combating Prescription Drug Abuse in Montgomery County, Texas
  • Ling Ren, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Sam Houston State University
  • Tamara E. Holland, J.D., Assistant District Attorney, Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office
PDF icon Homeless Outreach Team
  • Steve Wick, Sergeant, Houston Police Department
 PDF icon Introduction to POP
  • Michael Scott, Clinical Professor, Arizona State University
PDF icon Introduction to Situational Crime Prevention
  • Rob Guerette, Associate Professor, Florida International University
PDF icon Opioid Abuse in Reno, Nevada
  • Emmanuel Barthe, Professor, University of Nevada-Reno
  • Stacy Ward, Drug Abuse Prevention Coordinator, Reno Police Department
 PDF icon POP & Evidence Based Policing
  • Gary Cordner, Chief Research Advisor, National Institute of Justice
 PDF icon POP in the Durham, UK, Constabulary

Durham, UK

  • Michael Barton, Chief Constable,  Durham Constabulary, UK
PDF icon Reducing Dwelling Burglaries

Durham, UK

  • David Ashton, Detective Superintendent, Durham Constabulary
PDF icon Reducing Neighborhood Conflicts in a College Town

Corvallis, Oregon, USA

  • Trevor Anderson, Police Officer, Corvallis Police Department 
  • James Dodge, Police Officer, Corvallis Police Department 
  • Luke Thomas, Police Officer, Corvallis Police Department 
PDF icon Reducing Retail Theft at Walmart
  • Michael Zidar, Crime Analyst, Paducah Police Department
  • John Eck, Professor, University of Cincinnati
 PDF icon Technological Responses to Police Problems
  • Nancy La Vigne, Director, Justice Policy Center, The Urban Institute
  • Eddie  Reyes, Senior Law Enforcement Project Manager, Police Foundation
PDF icon VicPD Response to Tent City

Victoria, BC

  • Scott McGregor, Inspector, Victoria Police Department
  • Colin Brown, Staff Sergeant, Victoria Police Department 
  • Dan O’Connor, Constable, Victoria Police Department 
 PDF icon The Fairness of Problem-Oriented Policing

Keynote Address

  • Michael Scott, Clinical Professor, Arizona State University
 PDF icon Understanding Crime-Place Networks
  • Maris Herold, Assistant Chief of Police, University of Cincinnati Police Department
  • Tamara Madensen, Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas