Providence, Rhode Island

2012 POP Conference Presentations

Back from the Brink: Reclaiming the Antoine Corridor and the Development of Problem Oriented Policing within the Houston Police Department

Houston Police Department

  • Sgt. Mike Hill
  • Ofc. Ryan Watson
  • Ofc. Chris Schuster

Tackling Burglary Dwelling

Greater Manchester Police

  • Chief Superintendent Roberts
  • Inspector Vincent Jones
  • Matthew Fielding

Beach Boulevard Prostitution: Addressing Human Trafficking in Anaheim

Anaheim (California) Police Department

Safe Street Teams

Boston (Massachusetts) Police Department

  • Deputy Superintendent Nora Baston
  • Professor Anthony Braga

Antithesis or Synthesis: An Evidence-Based CompStat?

Transport for London

  • Steve Burton

Introduction to Situational Crime Prevention

  • Professor Ron Clarke

Custody Experience

Lancashire (UK) Constabulary

  • PS Dave Johnson
  • PC Gary Salisbury
  • ASB Manager Sue Roach

School Violence Initiative: The Role of Fusion Centers

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

  • Captain John McGrath
  • Manager Patrick Baldwin

Location-Based Criminal Risk Assessment

Colorado Springs Police Department

  • Josh Levin
  • Molly Miles

Special Investigations Unit

Madison Police Department

  • Chief Noble Wray
  • Lieutenant Tom Woodmansee
  • Detective Samantha Kellogg

Strike Force Picadilly: Countering ATM Gas Attacks and Ram Raids

New South Wales (Australia) Police

  • Detective Superintendent Murray Chapman
  • Detective Superintendent Greig Newberry

Operational Risk Management as Regulatory Strategy

  • Malcolm Sparrow, Harvard University

The Basin Triangle Project: Decreasing Fatal Crash & Serious Injury Accidents

Washington State Patrol

  • Ryan Raymond
  • Timothy Kron