The New Zealand Evidence-Based Problem-Oriented Policing Awards

New Zealand Police’s Problem Oriented Policing (POP) awards have been running since 2013. The awards involve the proactive identification and analysis of recurring crime or disorder problems faced by police, partners and the public, and the development, implementation, and robust assessment of effective responses to these problems.

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In 2017, the POP awards were renamed Evidence Based Problem Oriented Policing (EbPOP) to raise awareness of the importance of evidence in effective policing. Police districts and service centres submit a maximum of two initiatives each (from a selection submitted from their respective areas) for the national awards.  Awards are given to teams that demonstrate excellence in:

  1. Reducing harm at a national level
  2. Reducing harm at a district/local level.
  3. Achieving collective impact.
  4. The generation/application/development of evidence

Winners of these categories are also eligible to win the overall Supreme Problem Oriented Policing Award. This winning team submits their presentation to the International Herman Goldstein Awards Problem Oriented Policing awards.

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Due to COVID-19, no awards were held in 2021.

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