Tilley Award Projects

The Tilley Award was set up by the U.K. Home Office Policing and Reducing Crime Unit (now the Crime and Policing Group) in 1999 to encourage and recognize good practice in implementing problem-oriented policing (POP). The award program was not active after 2009, but is being reactivated in 2019.

There are three categories of entry:

  1. Organizational support in police forces. Projects in this category describe work to support frontline problem oriented policing, for example, by freeing up resources, which result in increased problem solving activity, or by demonstrating improvements to problem solving working practice.
  2. Crime and disorder reduction. Projects describe work undertaken to reduce specific crime and disorder problems. They can cover the full range of problems encountered.
  3. Partnership projects. Beginning in 2003, this is a special award to recognize the increasing role that Crime and Disorder Partnerships have in reducing crime and disorder. Entries in this category must show how the project fits into the local crime and disorder reduction strategy and the role and contribution made by each partner. The projects may be concerned with improving partnership performance through a demonstration of improved delivery of POP or may describe work to reduce a specific crime and disorder problem through the use of a multi agency problem oriented approach. One overall winner is identified in each category, with no runners up.

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