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The quality and focus of these submissions vary considerably. With the exception of those submissions selected as winners or finalists, these documents are unedited and are reproduced in the condition in which they were submitted. They may nevertheless contain useful information or may report innovative projects.

Operation Pasture [Goldstein Award Winner], Lancashire Constabulary, 2008

Safer Travel at Night Campaign [Goldstein Award Winner], Transport for London (London, UK), 2006

Team: Reducing Vehicle Burglaries [Goldstein Award Finalist], Carrollton Police Department, 2005

Operation Cease Fire [Goldstein Award Winner], Boston Police Department, 1998

Invercargill - The RAID Squad Initiative, New Zealand Police Department (NZ), 1998

KIDestrian: Child Pedestrian Safety [Goldstein Award Finalist], Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police (ON, CA), 1994

Preventing Theft from Auto [Goldstein Award Finalist], Edmonton Police Service, 1994

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