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Appendix A: Checklist for Design and Implementation of Your Publicity Campaign

Problem Selection

  • Have you selected a specific crime type on which to focus?
    • Have you carried out a detailed analysis concerning the crime type?
      • Who are the offenders?
      • Who are the victims?
      • Where and at what times does this crime occur most?
  • Who is your target audience (victims, offenders, or both)?
  • On what specific neighborhoods or areas will you focus?

Message Design

  • Have you identified the themes relevant to your audience?
  • Have you met with concerned community stakeholders about the campaign design?
  • Is there any offensive content (wording, political messages, artwork, etc.)?
  • Is your message clear and appealing to your target audience?
  • Have you selected a campaign logo with which people can identify?
  • How is your approach different from ones that have failed in the past?
  • Does your design meet legal standards for your agency?
  • Is your design idea realistic and within your budget?


  • Before dissemination, did you get input from a pretest audience and incorporate feedback in the design?
  • In addition, was the campaign pilot-tested with the intended target audience?
    • Have you devised a dissemination plan?
      • Who will be in charge?
      • How will you spread the publicity?
      • How will you know that the campaign is going according to plan?
      • What mechanisms are in place to monitor the campaigns progress?
  • How long will the campaign last?
  • Will there be multiple waves of dissemination, or just a one-time exposure?
  • How will you address any community concerns that arise?


  • How will you measure whether the campaign was a success or not?
  • Did you conduct resident interviews before the campaign started to measure behaviors and attitudes?
  • What statistics will you use to compare the problem before and after the campaign?

Appendix B: Summary Table of Previous Publicity Efforts

Click here for PDF of Appendix B: Summary of Previous Publicity Efforts

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