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Related POP Projects


The quality and focus of these submissions vary considerably. With the exception of those submissions selected as winners or finalists, these documents are unedited and are reproduced in the condition in which they were submitted. They may nevertheless contain useful information or may report innovative projects.

Arlington Restaurant Initiative, Arlington County Police Department (Virginia, USA), 2019

Construction Site Security, Metropolitan Police Service (London, UK), 2019

Beach & Garden Grove Community Improvement Project, Garden Grove Police Department (California, USA), 2019

Problem Solving Vehicle Thefts which Exploit Flaws in the Salvage Vehicle Industry, Durham Constabulary (UK), 2018

Employing Problem-Oriented Policing to Target Convenience Store Crime, Glendale Police Department (Arizona, USA), 2016, Goldstein Award Finalist

Walmart Restorative Justice Initiative, Arlington Police Department (Texas, USA), 2016, Goldstein Award Finalist

Retail District Crime Reduction Plan: Changing the Criminal Perception, Arlington Police Department (Texas, USA), 2013

The Clarendon Detail Reducing Public Intoxication, Disorder, and Assaults, Arlington County Police Department (Virginia, USA), 2013 

Reducing Youth Disorder and Property Damage around the Everitt Road Shops: A Partnership Approach between NZ Police and the Ferguson Community, New Zealand Police, 2013 

Combating Pickpocketing in Downtown Pubs: A Collaboration Between Pubs and the Oslo Police, Oslo Police District (Norway), 2013 

Strike Force Piccadilly, New South Wales Police (Australia), 2012, Goldstein Award Winner

Organized Retail Crime Interdiction: A Partnership That Works, Boise Police Department (Idaho, USA), 2012

Nightclub Crime Issues, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (Florida, USA), 2012

Operation Safe Clubs: Enforcement and Situational Problem-Oriented Policing, Miami Police Department (Florida, USA), 2011, Goldstein Award Finalist 

Reducing Crime and Disorder at Hotels and Motels in Chula Vista, California, Chula Vista Police Department (California, USA), 2009, Goldstein Award Winner 

Burglary of Motor Vehicle (BMV) Detail, Arlington Police Department (Texas, USA), 2009 

Reclaiming the 'Street of Shame': A Problem Oriented Solution to Vancouver's Entertainment District, Vancouver Police Department (British Columbia, Canada), 2009 

Trolley Safe, Warwickshire Police (UK), 2009, Goldstein Award Finalist

Uxbridge Business Against Crime, Metropolitan Police Service (London, UK), 2008 

Operation Spotlight, Arlington Police Department (Texas, USA), 2008, Goldstein Award Finalist 

Be Safe Bolton Strategic Partnership, Greater Manchester Police (UK), 2008

BIG Attack on Graffiti, Lincoln Business Improvement Group (Lincoln, UK), 2008 

Policing Boise's Downtown Entertainment District, Boise Police Department (Idaho, USA), 2008 

Safer Swansea: Call Time on Violent Crime, South Wales Police (UK), 2008

Safe Zone Initiative, Minneapolis Police Department (Minnesota, USA), 2007 

TOPS: Tourist Oriented Policing, Jackson Police Department (Mississippi, USA), 2007 

Operation Abingdon, Lancashire Constabulary (UK), 2007, Goldstein Award Finalist

Operation Kensington, Hampshire Constabulary (UK), 2007, Goldstein Award Finalist 

Safer Travel at Night Campaign, Transport for London (UK), 2006, Goldstein Award Winner 

Top Ten Percent, Tucson Police Department (Arizona, USA), 2006 

Project Centurion, Isle of Man Constabulary, 2005, Goldstein Award Winner 

Operation TARGET, Lancashire Constabulary (UK), 2005 

ATM Robbery: Creating a Safer Environment, West Midlands Police (UK), 2004 

Safe and Secure, Twenty Four Seven, Staffordshire Police Department (UK), 2004, Tilley Award Winner 

Oakland Airport Motel Program, Oakland Police Department (California, USA), 2003, Goldstein Award Winner 

Home Depot Project, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (North Carolina, USA), 2003 

Pikes Peak Retail Security Association, Colorado Springs Police Department (Colorado, USA), 2003 

Allapatah Produce Market Power Play (Resubmission), Miami Police Department (Florida, USA), 2002, Goldstein Award Finalist

Auto Theft Project, Washington State Patrol (USA), 2002

B.A.N.D.: Burnley Against Night-time Disorder, Lancashire Constabulary, 2002, Tilley Award Winner 

Inverness Thumbprint Signature Scheme, Northern Constabulary (Inverness, Scotland, UK), 2002 

Reducing Crime and Disorder in the City of Wells, Somerset, Avon and Somerset Constabulary (Bristol, UK), 2001 

Transient Problems at Clairemont Square Mall, San Diego Police Department (California, USA), 2001 

Eastern Midlothian Business Corridor Community Policing, Chesterfield County Police Department (Virginia, USA), 2000 

North Tryon Street Corridor Commercial Burglaries, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (North Carolina, USA), 2000 

The B&Q Initiative, Lancashire Constabulary (UK), 2000

Theft Reduction Action Program, Mesa Police Department (Arizona, USA), 2000 

Intersecting Solutions, Vancouver Police Department (British Columbia, Canada), 1999, Goldstein Award Finalist 

Stemmons Corridor Service Delivery Project, Dallas Police Department (Texas, USA), 1999 

Problem Oriented Policing Working in Partnership to Create a Safer Holiday Environment, Avon and Somerset Constabulary (Bristol, UK), 1999, Tilley Award Finalist 

Public Safety in Downtown Business District, Springfield Police Department (Oregon, USA), 1998 

The Transient Enrichment Network (TEN-4), Fontana Police Department (California, USA), 1998, Goldstein Award Finalist 

Theft Reduction Auto Program (TRAP), Glendale Police Department (Arizona, USA), 1997 

COPS / Business Partnership Academy, Ontario Police Department (California, USA), 1997 

The Elite Arcade: Taming a Crime Generator, Delta Police Department (British Columbia, Canada), 1997, Goldstein Award Finalist 

The 501 Blues, La Fripe International Project, San Diego Police Department (California, USA), 1996 

Mario's Market Project, Delray Police Department (Florida, USA), 1996 

The Barrow Temperance Project, North Slope Borough Department of Public Safety (Alaska, USA), 1995, Goldstein Award Winner 

Police Actively Listening Project, Hampton Police Division (Virginia, US), 1995

The Klondiker Hotel Project: Hotels, Crime, and Problem-Solving on the Beat, Edmonton Police Service (Alberta, Canada), 1995, Goldstein Award Finalist 

Varda Car, San Diego Police Department (California, USA), 1995 

Preventing Theft from Auto, Edmonton Police Service (Alberta, Canada), 1994, Goldstein Award Finalist 

Electric Avenue, Calgary Police Service (Alberta, Canada), 1994, Goldstein Award Winner

Glitter Track Project, San Diego Police Department (California, USA), 1994, Goldstein Award Finalist

Harbor Plaza, Santa Ana Police Department (California, USA), 1993, Goldstein Award Winner

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