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POP Center Responses Using Civil Actions Against Property Appendix B

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Appendix B: Blank Tables to Use in Planning an Initiative Using a Civil Remedy

The two blank tables in this section should allow you to organize the information you will need to develop an understanding of the legal aspects of civil remedy use (Table B1) and of the place of these civil remedies in a larger crime prevention initiative (Table B2). These tables are tools and not every category set out will apply to your crime or disorder problem. You should adapt them to serve your needs.

Table B1 sets out some of the major features of any civil remedy as they relate to use in crime and disorder prevention. You, in consultation with collaborating attorney partners in your jurisdiction, can use this framework to organize what is available in your jurisdiction currently, as well as aiding you in the future by helping you decide what you need to have future legislation provide.

Table B2 sets out a blank expanded crime script for you to use in planning how to use the civil remedies as part of a larger, more comprehensive, and potentially more effective crime prevention initiative.

Table B1. Features of Civil Remedies Currently Available (or Needed) in Your Jurisdiction—Blank Table to be Filled in

Table B2. Blank Expanded Crime Script: For Use in Programs Using Civil Remedies

Source: Adapted from Smith (forthcoming: 1998) and Cornish (1994).

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