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The quality and focus of these submissions vary considerably. With the exception of those submissions selected as winners or finalists, these documents are unedited and are reproduced in the condition in which they were submitted. They may nevertheless contain useful information or may report innovative projects.

Baker One Domestic Violence Intervention Project [Goldstein Award Finalist], Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, 2002

Bolton BeSafe Reducing Criminal Damage [Tilley Award Winner], Greater Manchester Police (Manchester, UK), 2008

Bulldozing - Construction Site Burglary [Goldstein Award Finalist], Port St. Lucie Police Department (Port St. Lucie, FL, US), 2006

Burglary Reduction Initiative, Lancashire Constabulary, 2003

Choices on Madison Street, Phoenix Police Department, 2001

Diesel Theft at Limerick Road Dormanstown, Cleveland Police Department (Middlesbrough, UK), 2007

Domestic Violence Re-victimization Prevention [Goldstein Award Finalist], Fremont Police Department, 1997

Family Violence Followup Teams [Goldstein Award Finalist], Edmonton Police Service, 1994

Foyle Domestic Violence Protocol, Foyle District Command Police (Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK)

Jenny's Story: Internet Child Abuse Prevention, Lancashire Constabulary, 2005

Manor Cross Project, South Yorkshire Police, 2001

Molehills from the Mountains [Goldstein Award Finalist], Lancashire Constabulary, 2004

Operation Cobra: Tackling Vehicle Crime in the City of Portsmouth [Goldstein Award Finalist], Hampshire Constabulary, 2004

Operation Focus, South Yorkshire Police, 2006

Operation Larches Storm, Lancashire Constabulary, 2007

Operation Strongbow, Cleveland Police Department (Middlesbrough, UK), 2004

Operation Student Survey, Merseyside Police (Merseyside, UK), 2009

Repeat Victimisation, Domestic Burglary Project, Cleveland Police Department (Middlesbrough, UK), 2003

Return of the Happy Shopper [Tilley Award Finalist], Lancashire Constabulary, 2005

Safer Homes Scheme, Cumbria Constabulary, 2006

Stop Break, Queensland Police (QN, AU), 1999

Wrexham Industrial State, Lancashire Constabulary, 2004