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Related POP Projects

Important! The quality and focus of these submissions vary considerably. With the exception of those submissions selected as winners or finalists, these documents are unedited and are reproduced in the condition in which they were submitted. They may nevertheless contain useful information or may report innovative projects.

Hirst Park & Operation Dignity, Northumbria Police (UK), 2019

One Stop Tobacco Shop, Las Cruces Police Department (New Mexico, USA), 2019

The Vilas Beach Project, Madison Police Department  (Wisconsin, USA), 2015

Children Bring Park Back to Life with a Homemade Touch, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (Japan), 2012 

Olin Park Project, Madison Police Department  (Wisconsin, USA), 2010

Antisocial Behavior at Harry Road Park, South Yorkshire Police (UK), 2009

Park View 4 U, Lancashire Constabulary (UK), 2009

Blake Road Corridor, Hopkins Police Department (Minnesota, USA), 2008

Park Life Merton, Safer Merton (UK), 2008, Tilley Award Finalist

Barry White Project: Newton Crime Surveillance Team, Los Angeles Police Department (California, USA), 2006

Taking Back Friday Nights at Haggard Park, Plano Police Department (Texas, USA), 2006

Kingscote Park 2004, Lancashire Constabulary (UK), 2005

Castle Park Whitehaven, Cumbria Constabulary (UK), 2004

Romilly Park Project, South Wales Police (UK), 2004

Van Wagner's Beach Plan, Hamilton Police Service (Ontario, Canada), 2004

Acacia Park Police Service Center, Colorado Springs Police Department (Colorado, USA), 2003

Summer Sundays at Sadie Thomas Park, Bryan Police Department (Texas, USA), 2003

Santiago Park Project, Santa Ana Police Department (California, USA), 2001

The Park Rescue Project, Appleton Police Department (Wisconsin, USA), 2001

Sheriff's Targeted Anticrime Response Team, Broward County Sheriff's Office (Florida, USA), 2000

Linden Park Project, Sussex Police (UK), 2000

Talbert Regional Park, Newport Beach Police Department (California, USA), 2000

Showdown at the Playground: A Community Confronts Its Drug and Disorder Problem, Vancouver Police Department (British Columbia, Canada), 2000, Goldstein Award Finalist

South Grand and Rotary Park Project, Mesa Police Department (Arizona, USA), 1999

Parolee-Free Parks, Anaheim Police Department (California, USA), 1998

MacArthur Park Revitalization Project, Los Angeles Police Department (California, USA), 1998

Patterson Park Outreach Program, Baltimore County Police Department (Maryland, USA), 1997

Gill Park Project, Chicago Police Department (Illinois, USA), 1997

Merritt Park Neighborhood, Delray Beach Police Department (Florida, USA), 1997

Lewd Conduct at San Elijo Lagoon and I-5 Viewpoint, San Diego Police Department (California, USA), 1996

Operation Outreach, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (California, USA), 1996

Redondo Beach Gang Project, Redondo Beach Police Department (California, USA), 1996, Goldstein Award Finalist

San Jacinto Park Renovation Action Plan, El Paso Police Department (Texas, USA), 1996

Blue Hole Park Project, Georgetown Police Services Division (Texas, USA), 1995, Goldstein Award Winner

Carré St-Louis, Montreal Urban Community Police Service (Quebec, Canada), 1995

Project: Yogi Bear, Ontario Provincial Police (Canada), 1995

Marian Bear Park, San Diego Police Department (California, USA), 1994, Goldstein Award Finalist


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