1999 Tilley Awards 

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Winner! Northfield's Project (File not available)

Leicestershire Constabulary (Leicestershire, UK)

An area in Leicester, known as Northfields, was comprised of three local Authority owned estates bordering owner-occupied property and a small industrial estate. The area had only two police beats covering a small area, but was responsible for 30% of the total crime for the entire unit. Partnerships, a number of initiatives, and community involvement were used to tackle quality-of-life issues in a holistic model. Overall, crime has been reduced by 31.8%. Levels of disorder and repeat victimisation have also declined. The project has drawn considerable praise as an example of an excellent working partnership.

Working in Partnership to Create a Safer Holiday Environment

Avon and Somerset Constabulary (Bristol, UK)

Over the years, a family holiday venue, the Butlins Family Entertainment Resort, was besieged with crime and disorder. In 1997, Avon and Somerset Constabulary and management of the resort formed an alliance to address crime problems. The Constabulary and Butlins worked closely together addressing environmental factors, policies, practices and staff training at the resort that collectively contributed to a 71.5% reduction in crime over that period.

The Nook Scrap Yard POP Initiative

Lancashire Constabulary (Lancashire, UK)

For decades, the Nook scrap yard has been the source of crime and disorder in the village of Staining . Complaints of stolen vehicles being traded at the yard, disputes in the yard, fights between customers and staff, thefts, damage, arson, noise, and suspicious characters were common. Many criminals travelled to Staining, as the Nook was a safe haven for criminal activity. As traditional police practices failed, public dissatisfaction with the police's ability to deal with problem increased. The police formed a partnership with the community and other government agencies to combat the underlying causes of the problems associated with the Nook. As a result, crime has been reduced by 38% in the village.