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Related POP Projects

Important! The quality and focus of these submissions vary considerably. With the exception of those submissions selected as winners or finalists, these documents are unedited and are reproduced in the condition in which they were submitted. They may nevertheless contain useful information or may report innovative projects.

Problem Solving Vehicle Thefts which Exploit Flaws in the Salvage Vehicle Industry, Durham Constabulary (UK), 2018

Search and Recovery of Stolen Cars with Paid Parking: Innovation and Opportunity in Joint Work between Public-Private Sectors, Carabineros de Chile (Chile), 2018

Southwest Division Burglary Apprehension Team, Houston Police Department (Texas, USA), 2008

Operation Spotlight, Arlington Police Department (Texas, USA), 2008, Goldstein Award Finalist

Top Ten Percent, Tucson Police Department (Arizona, USA), 2006

Putting the Brakes on Lorry Trailer Theft, Lancashire Constabulary (UK), 2003

Collaborative Pawnshop Regulation, Lakewood Police Department (Colorado, USA), 1999

Anti Theft Sting, Redondo Beach Police Department (California, USA), 1998 

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