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The quality and focus of these submissions vary considerably. With the exception of those submissions selected as winners or finalists, these documents are unedited and are reproduced in the condition in which they were submitted. They may nevertheless contain useful information or may report innovative projects.

Allapatah Produce Market Play [Goldstein Award Finalist], Miami Police Department (FL, US), 2002

Bulldozing Construction Site Burglary [Goldstein Award Finalist], Port St. Lucie Police Department (FL, US), 2006

Day Labor Project [Goldstein Award Winner], Glendale Police Department (CA, US), 1997

Domestic Violence Re-victimization Prevention [Goldstein Award Finalist], Fremont Police Department (CA, US), 1997

Group Homes: A Multi Agency Approach to a City Wide Problem [Goldstein Award Finalist], Fresno Police Department (CA, US), 1996

Highland Creek Garage Robbery Project, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (NC, US), 2004

Hispanic Robbery Initiative [Goldstein Award Finalist], Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (NC, US), 2002

KIDestrian: Child Pedestrian Safety [Goldstein Award Finalist], Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police Service (ON, CA), 1994

Last Drink Program [Goldstein Award Finalist], Peel Regional Police (ON, CA), 1996

Let's Dance: A Community's Collaborative Response to an All Ages Night Club [Goldstein Award Finalist], Halton Regional Police Service (ON, CA), 2002

Nightsafe Initiative, Lancashire Constabulary (Lancashire, UK), 2004

Noise in Neighborhoods Achieving Community Together (ACT) [Goldstein Award Finalist], San Marcos Police Department (TX, US), 2011

Oakland Airport Motel Program [Goldstein Award Winner], Oakland Police Department (CA, US), 2003

Operation Adelphi [Tilley Award Finalist], Lancashire Constabulary (Lancashire, UK), 2000

Operation Kerb [Goldstein Award Finalist], Lancashire Constabulary (Lancashire, UK), 2003

Operation Crystal/Crystal Clear [Tilley Award Winner], Merseyside Police Department (Merseyside, UK), 2001

Operation Fragment [Tilley Award Winner], Avon and Somerset Constabulary (Bristol, UK), 2009

Operation Mullion [Tilley Award Finalist], Hampshire Constabulary (Hampshire, UK), 2006

Operation Pasture [Tilley Award Winner], Lancashire Constabulary (Lancashire, UK), 2008

Operation Spotlight [Goldstein Award Finalist], Arlington Police Department (TX, US), 2008

Project Metrotown [Goldstein Award Finalist], Royal Canadian Mounted Police (BC, CA), 2002

Reducing Crime and Disorder at Hotels and Motels in Chula Vista California [Goldstein Award Winner], Chula Vista Police Department (CA, US), 2009

Safer Travel at Night Campaign [Goldstein Award Winner], Transport for London (London, UK), 2006

Sexual Assault Prevention Through Community Awareness and Participation, San Diego Police Department (CA, US), 1995

Street Sweeping, Broadway Style [Goldstein Award Winner], Green Bay Police Department (WI, US), 1999

The Chula Vista Residential Burglary Reduction Project [Goldstein Award Finalist], Chula Vista Police Department (CA, US), 2001

The Elite Arcade: Taming a Crime Generator [Goldstein Award Finalist], Delta Police Department (BC, CA), 1997

The False Alarm Solution: Verified Response [Goldstein Award Finalist], Salt Lake City Police Department (UT, US), 2001

The Nook Scrap Yard POP's Initiative [Tilley Award Finalist], Lancashire Constabulary (Lancashire, UK), 1999

The Power of Partnerships [Goldstein Award Finalist], Racine Police Department (WI, US), 1999

The Tower Project [Goldstein Award Finalist], Lancashire Constabulary (Lancashire, UK), 2003

The Transient Enrichment Network (TEN-4) [Goldstein Award Finalist], Fontana Police Department (CA, US), 1998

Trolley Safe [Goldstein Award Finalist], Warwickshire Police (Warwickshire, UK), 2009

Underage Drinking: More than a MINOR Issue [Goldstein Award Finalist], Plano Police Department (TX, US), 2003

Workable Solutions to the Problem of Street Prostitution in Buffalo, N.Y. [Goldstein Award Finalist], Buffalo Police Department (NY, US), 2001