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Situational Crime Prevention Evaluation Database

This is a collection of articles reporting evaluations of situational crime prevention initiatives. The collection is intended to facilitate research and assist practitioners in finding studies relevant to their current needs. It includes (1) a complete bibliographical listing of studies with links to full text versions (where available) and (2) the facility to sort the studies according to study outcome, research design, and various other case details.

Search the Situational Crime Prevention Evaluation Database

Number of studies available in full text: 124


narrow your search by sorting the case studies using the following steps:

Step 1: Choose Problem Type (Required)
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  • Violence
  • Burglary
  • Vehicle Related
  • Alcohol and Drugs
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  • Disorder
  • Robbery
  • Fraud
Step 2: Choose Sorting Method (Required)
  • Environmental context of problems addressed
  • Type of Situational Crime Prevention Technique
  • Nature of tactic or intervention (e.g. street lighting; CCTV)
  • Source of data
  • Type of research design (e.g. time series, before-after w/ comparisons, etc.)
  • Whether cost/benefit analysis was computed
  • Whether displacement was examined.
  • Whether diffusion of benefits was examined.
  • Whether anticipatory benefits was examined.