Speeding in Residential Areas


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Speeding in Residential Areas Course

This course was developed by the Virginia Community Policing Institute (http://www.vcpionline.org ) which is part of a national network of 27 regional institutes across the country and is supported by funds from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. The course is intended for patrol and investigative officers and is relevant to any police agency that experiences residential speeding problems. Original curriculum by Rana Sampson.

Powerpoint Presentations

These presentations are based on the POP Guide Speeding in Residential Areas. It includes many illustrations and videos demonstrating how to analyze a speeding problem in a residential area and the solutions revealed by following the method of problem solving presented in the POP guide. Detailed instructional notes are attached to most slides. There are 159 slides in all.

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  1. Introduction and Problem Overview ZIP
    • Why not just start issuing tickets?
  2. Understanding a speeding problem in your area ZIP
    • Getting ready to measure your effectiveness
    • Asking the right questions about speeding
  3. Strategies to address speeding ZIP
    • Education Enforcement Regulation
  4. Engineering strategies ZIP
    • Calming -- humps and bumps tables and cushions
  5. Engineering strategies ZIP
    • Circles and chokers
  6. Engineering strategies ZIP
    • Lines and arrows
    • Summary

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