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Related POP Projects 

Important! The quality and focus of these submissions vary considerably. With the exception of those submissions selected as winners or finalists, these documents are unedited and are reproduced in the condition in which they were submitted. They may nevertheless contain useful information or may report innovative projects.

Familiar Faces, Durham Constabulary (UK), 2023, Finalist

A New Approach to Mentally Ill Calls for Service, Chula Vista Police Department (California, USA), 2020

C.I.T. the LEADER (Law Enforcement Aligned Development Education & Resource) Philosophy: A Lifesaving Model, Janesville Police Department (Wisconsin, USA), 2019

The Croft Unit: Who's Behaving Badly?, Durham Constabulary (UK), 2018, Goldstein Award Finalist

Downtown Engagement Project: A Law Enforcement-Community Solution to Serving the Mentally Ill, Dayton Police Department (Ohio, USA), 2015

Trafford Mental Health Practitioner Project, Greater Manchester Police (UK), 2015

Miller Park Center Project Merging POP with the Schools and the Mental Health Community, Lees Summit Police Department (Missouri, USA), 2011

Ms. H.: Persistent Caller to Police and Ambulance Service, Cleveland Police (Middlesbrough, UK), 2011

Chronic Consumer Stabilization Initiative, Houston Police Department (Texas, USA), 2010, Goldstein Award Finalist

Return Home Registry, Irvine Police Department (California, USA), 2009

Mr. T.: Problem Tenant, Cleveland Police (Middlesbrough, UK), 2007

Psychiatric Emergency Response and Homeless Outreach Teams, San Diego Police Department (California, USA), 2005

Mole Hills from Mountains, Lancashire Constabulary (Lancashire, UK), 2004, Goldstein Award Finalist

Crisis Intervention Team, Louisville Division of Police (Kentucky, USA), 2002

The Cat Woman: Problem at 1135 Norland Road, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (North Carolina, USA), 2001

The Question of Independent Living, San Diego Police Department (California, USA), 2000, Goldstein Award Finalist

Mental Evaluation Team (MET), Long Beach Police Department (California, USA), 1999

Not in My Neighborhood, Torrance Police Department (California, USA), 1999

Resolve EDP (Emotionally Disturbed Persons), Ithaca Police Department (New York, USA), 1998

Sandy S. and Bay Park, San Diego Police Department (California, USA), 1998

The Miss Bessie Project, Georgetown Police Services Division (Texas, USA), 1998 

Tiffany Gardens and Western Hills Apartment Complexes, Overland Park Police Department (Kansas, USA), 1998

Vulnerable Adults Assistance Network (VAAN), Baltimore County Police Department (Maryland, USA), 1998

Adult Living Facility Task Force, St. Petersburg Police Department (Florida, USA), 1997

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