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Problem-Oriented Policing: Successful Case Studies

 Successful Case Studies book cover   by Michael S. Scott and Ronald V. Clarke (eds.) (Routledge, 2020)

This book explores a wide range of problems that fall under five general categories: gang violence; violence against women; vulnerable people; disorderly places; and theft, robbery, and burglary. The case studies tell stories of how police, in collaboration with others, successfully tackled real-world policing problems fairly and effectively.

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Problem-Oriented Wildlife Protection

This guide explains how the ideas and principles of problem-oriented policing can be adapted to wildlife protection problems and explains how your organization could start a problem-oriented project of its own.

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New Study Further Validates POP

by Joshua C. Hinkle, David Weisburd, Cody W. Telep, and Kevin Petersen

Timely Topics

  • In light of current proposals to abolish or defund the police, the Response Guide on Shifting and Sharing Responsibility for Public-Safety Problems is especially relevant to addressing the need for other entities in society—on a problem-by-problem basis—to assume greater responsibility for preventing problems that otherwise will be left to the police to address alone.
  • In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are learning of the various effects it is having on crime and policing. Researchers at the Jill Dando Institute for Crime Science in London have produced a series of briefs on these emerging effects.