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Related POP Projects

Important! The quality and focus of these submissions vary considerably. With the exception of those submissions selected as winners or finalists, these documents are unedited and are reproduced in the condition in which they were submitted. They may nevertheless contain useful information or may report innovative projects.

DUI Aerial Response Team (DART), Washington State Patrol (USA), 2009 

Operation Clean Sweep, Georgia State University Police Department (Georgia, USA), 2008 

Operation Impact, California Highway Patrol (USA), 2008 

Middlesbrough’s Theft from Motor Vehicle Initiative, Cleveland Police (Middlesbrough, UK), 2007  

Home Safe, Boston Police Department (Massachusetts, USA), 2006 

Summer Alcohol Misuse Enforcement Campaign, Greater Manchester Police (UK), 2006 

Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT), Washington State Patrol (Washington, USA), 2006  

Kingscote Park 2004, Lancashire Constabulary (UK), 2005 

Return of the Happy Shopper, Lancashire Constabulary (UK), 2005, Tilley Award Finalist 

Safer Sex Works, Lancashire Constabulary (UK), 2004 

Operation Phoenix, South Wales Police (UK), 2004   

The Haulgh: Managing Prostitution, Regenerating the Community, Greater Manchester Police (Bolton, UK), 2004 

The Martin Road Project, Northumbria Police (UK), 2004  

Operation Fixture, Lancashire Constabulary (UK), 2003  

F-STOP: Fontana Serious Traffic Offender Program, Fontana Police Department (California, USA), 2003 

Project Black Flag, Stockton Police Department (California, USA), 2003  

Kenwood Gardens, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department (California, USA), 2002  

Sheriff’s Target Anti-Crime Response Team, Broward County Sheriff’s Department (Florida, USA), 2002 

Reduction in Alcohol Related Fatal and Injury Crashes, Virginia Beach Police Department (Virginia, USA), 2002  

Street Prostitution: Viable Solutions to Solving the Problem, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (California, USA), 2002

El Cajon and University Avenue Traffic Accident Reduction, San Diego Police Department (California, USA), 2001 

Aggressive Driving Enforcement Team, Illinois State Police (Illinois, USA), 2000 

Operation Street Sweep, Arizona Department of Public Safety (USA), 1999 

The Power of Partnerships, Racine Police Department (Wisconsin, USA), 1999, Goldstein Award Finalist 

The Three P’s Project: Pimps, Prostitutes, and Pushers, Tucson Police Department (Arizona, USA), 1999 

West LA Area Cadillac/Corning Neighborhood Project, Los Angeles Police Department (California, USA), 1999

Operation Cease Fire, Boston Police Department (Massachusetts, USA), 1998, Goldstein Award Winner 

Carroll Avenue/Quebec Terrace Initiative, Montgomery County Police Department (Maryland, USA), 1997

Harbor Gateway Neighborhood Recovery Project, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office (California, USA), 1997 

Operation Safe Streets Clean Sweep (SSCS), Metro-Dade Police Department (Florida, USA), 1997  

Neighborhood Crime Reduction Plan – 91G Squad, Phoenix Police Department (Arizona, USA), 1996 

Sex Offender Registration Program, San Diego Police Department (California, USA), 1995 

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