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POP Center Problems Acquaintance Rape of College Students, 2nd Ed. Summary

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Appendix: Summary of Responses to Acquaintance Rape of College Students

The table below summarizes the responses to acquaintance rape of college students, the mechanism by which they are intended to work, the conditions under which they ought to work best, and some factors you should consider before implementing a particular response. It is critical that you tailor responses to local circumstances, and that you can justify each response based on reliable analysis. In most cases, an effective strategy will involve implementing several different responses. Law enforcement responses alone are seldom effective in reducing or solving the problem. 

Response No.


How It Works

Works Best If…


Key Responses




Conducting acquaintance-rape prevention programs for college men

Removes excuses for rape by increasing men’s knowledge

…programs are designed to change behavior, not just attitudes, and coincide with high- risk times

Finding adequate time for programs before or during high-risk times; researchers recommend combining the programs with prevention programming targeting other forms of sexual assault and also with substance abuse prevention programs


Educating police about acquaintance rape of college students

Increases the likelihood that police will participate in developing appropriate rape reduction initiatives for students

…police are trained before classes start

Often requires police to examine their prevention and investigation approaches to acquaintance rape


Conducting acquaintance-rape prevention programs for college administrators, campus judicial officers and other key campus personnel

Increases campus personnel’s knowledge and enables personnel to appropriately deal with victims and offenders

…programs are completed before classes start

Requires extensive coordination, open access to campus personnel, and  school leaders’ commitment to support rape prevention efforts and consequences for acquaintance rape




Conducting acquaintance-rape prevention programs geared toward campus athletes and fraternity members

Removes excuses for rape by changing men’s behavior toward women and setting explicit rules

…coaches,  fraternity leaders and fraternity alumni leaders support the programs

Programs should be presented as a means to prevent harm, not as a punishment

Responses with Limited Effectiveness



Providing student escort and/or shuttle services

Reduces the risk of stranger rape

…combined with comprehensive efforts to reduce acquaintance rape

Campus women’s groups often advocate these services



Providing rape aggression defense training

Increases the effort stranger rapists must make

…combined with comprehensive efforts to reduce acquaintance rape

Campus women’s groups often advocate this training


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