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Crime Prevention Studies

ISSN: 1065-7029
Published by Lynne Rienner Publishers

Volumes 1-15 are available in full text, with table of contents, introduction, and abstracts provided for each volume. Tables of contents, introductory chapters and abstracts where available are provided for Volumes 16 and beyond. A hard copy of each title is available for purchase from Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Adobe Acrobat is required to read or download these articles.

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Volume 1
(1993) Edited by Ronald V. Clarke

Volume 2
(1994) Edited by Ronald V. Clarke

Volume 3
(1994) Edited by Ronald V. Clarke

Volume 4
Crime and Place
edited by John Eck and David Weisburd

Volume 5
The Politics and Practice of Situational Crime Prevention
edited by Ross Homel

Volume 6
Preventing Mass Transit Crime
edited by Ronald V. Clarke

Volume 7
Policing for Prevention: Reducing Crime, Public Intoxication and Injury
edited by Ross Homel

Volume 8
Crime Mapping and Crime Prevention,
edited by David Weisburd and Tom McEwen

Volume 9
Civil Remedies and Crime Prevention,
edited by Lorraine Green Mazerolle and Jan Roehl

Volume 10
Surveillance of Public Space: CCTV, Street Lighting and Crime Prevention
edited by Kate Painter and Nick Tilley

Volume 11
Illegal Drug Markets: from Research to Prevention Policy
edited by Mangai Natarajan and Mike Hough

Volume 12
Repeat Victimization
edited by Graham Farrell and Ken Pease

Volume 13
Analysis for Crime Prevention,
edited by Nick Tilley

Volume 14
Evaluation for Crime Prevention,
edited by Nick Tilley

Volume 15
Mainstreaming Problem-Oriented Policing,
edited by Johannes Knutsson

Volume 16
Theory for Practice in Situational Crime Prevention,
edited by Martha J. Smith and Derek B. Cornish

Volume 17
Understanding and Preventing Car Theft,
edited by Michael G. Maxfield and Ronald V. Clarke

Volume 18
Designing out Crime from Products and Systems,
edited by Ronald V. Clarke and Graeme R. Newman

Volume 19
Situational Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse,
edited by Richard Wortley and Stephen Smallbone

Volume 20
Putting Theory To Work: Implementing Situational Prevention and Problem-oriented Policing
edited by Johannes Knutsson and Ronald V. Clarke

Volume 21
Imagination for Crime Prevention: Essays in Honour of Ken Pease
Edited by Graham Farrell, Kate J. Bowers, Shane D. Johnson & Michael Townsley

Volume 22
Surveying Crime in the 21st Century
Edited by Mike Hough & Mike Maxfield

Volume 23
Perspectives on Identity Theft
Edited by Megan M. McNally & Graeme R. Newman

Volume 24
Evaluating Crime Reduction Initiatives
Edited by Johannes Knutsson & Nick Tilley

Volume 25
Reducing Terrorism through Situational Crime Prevention
Edited by Joshua D. Freilich & Graeme R. Newman

Volume 26
Preventing Crowd Violence
Edited by Tamara D. Madensen & Johannes Knutsson

Volume 27
Design Against Crime: Crime Proofing Everyday Products
Edited by Paul Ekblom