Unpublished Documents: Organizational Reports

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Edmonton Police Service (Alberta) 

Community Policing in Edmonton: The Vision Continues, 1996

Working the Beat: The Edmonton Neighborhood Foot Patrol1990

Calgary Police Service (Alberta)

Strategic Plan, 1991-1992, 1991  


National Police Directorate (Norway)

Strategy Plan: Crime Prevention Policing, 2002-2005, 2001 

Stockholm County Police Authority (Sweden)

Towards Problem-Oriented Police Work in the County of Stockholm, 1995  

United Kingdom

Lancashire Constabulary (UK)

Operation Exodus, 1998

Problem Oriented Policing Policy, 1999 

Tanterton Crime & Disorder Reduction Strategy, 1999

The Feasibility of Implementing Problem-Oriented Policing, 1997 

Merseyside Police (UK)

Incident Management Units: A Corporate Policy, 1998 

Initial Evaluation of the Problem Solving Approach, 1999 

Liverpool Crime Reduction and Community Safety Strategy, 1999-2002, 1998

Problem Solving Policing, 1997 

Thames Valley Police (UK)

Problem Solving Policing, 1996

United States

Beloit Police Department (Wisconsin)

Beat Management Plans, 2004 

Boston Police Department (Massachusetts)

Neighborhood Policing News 92-1, 1992 

Neighborhood Policing News 93-1, 1993 

Neighborhood Policing: A Plan of Action, 1992  

Brighton Police Department (Colorado) 

Treating Citizens as Customers: The Brighton Experience, 1993  

Buffalo Police Department (New York)

Vision Statement, 1994 

Chicago Police Department (Illinois)

The Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) Fact Sheet, 1993 

Together We Can: A Strategic Plan For Reinventing the Chicago Police Department, 1993  

Delray Beach Police Department (Florida)

Memorandum: Community Outreach Program, 1990 

Memorandum: Community Relations Activity, 1990  

Hayward Police Department (California)

A Change in Policing Philosophy, 1990 

Houston Police Department (Texas)

Neighborhood Oriented Policing: Police Officers Training, 1987  

Indianapolis Police Department (Indiana)

Community Based Policing Master Plan, 1993 

Los Angeles Police Department (California)

Definition of Community Based Policing PDF

LAPD Chief Reshapes Force's Image, 1992  

Montgomery County Department of Police (Maryland) 

Transition to Community Policing: Strategic Implementation Plan, 1993

New Haven Department of Police Service (Connecticut)

Strategic Plan for 1992, 1992 

North Slope Borough Department of Public Safety (Alaska)

Memorandum: Implementation of Community Policing and Problem Solving, 1993

Oxnard Police Department (California)

COPS: Community Oriented Problem Solving, 1990

Philadelphia Police Department (Pennsylvania)

Repeat Call Analysis Project (RECAP), 1988

Portland Police Bureau (Oregon) 

Community Policing Transition Plan, 1990 

Reno Police Department (Nevada)

Community Oriented Policing Organizational Chart, 1989 

Reno Police Department's Community-Oriented Policing-Plus, 1989 

Sacramento Police Department (California)

P.O.P., 1994  

St. Petersburg Police Department (Florida)

Community Policing: A Partnership in Action, 1992  

San Bernardino Police Department (California)

San Bernardino Police Department's Community Policing Model, 1998  

San Diego Police Department (California)

Implementing POP: The San Diego Experience, 1990 

Mid-City Division Heights East: Areas of Knowledge Operations Manual, 1997

The Problem Oriented Policing Process, 1989 

San Francisco Police Department (California)

Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving: Transition and Implementation Survey, 1994 

Community Policing and Problem Solving, 1993

LAPD-SDPD Work Project Recap, 1994

Savannah Police Department (Georgia)

Comprehensive Community Crime Control Strategy, 1991

Comprehensive Community Crime Control Strategy 1991

Shreveport Police Department (Louisiana)

Newsletter, 1995 

Spokane Police Department (Washington)

Spokane Police Department's Community Oriented Policing Programs, 1995 

Tulsa Police Department (Oklahoma)

Tulsa Police Training Bulletin: Problem Oriented Policing (POP), 1989