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Important! The quality and focus of these submissions vary considerably. With the exception of those submissions selected as winners or finalists, these documents are unedited and are reproduced in the condition in which they were submitted. They may nevertheless contain useful information or may report innovative projects.

"The Nicest Thief I've Ever Met", Durham Constabulary (United Kingdom), 2018

Walmart Restorative Justice Initiative, Arlington Police Department (Texas, USA), 2016, Goldstein Award Finalist

Project E-LEGO: Combatting Retail Theft One Brick at a Time, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Langley, British Columbia, Canada), 2016

Habitual Larceny: Reducing Shoplifting Through Repeat Offenders, Charlotte- Mecklenburg Police Department (North Carolina, USA), 2015

Retail District Crime Reduction Plan: Changing the Criminal Perception Arlington Police Department (Texas, USA), 2013 

Organized Retail Crime Interdiction: A Partnership that Works, Boise Police Department (Idaho, USA), 2012

Stealing Back Honesty, New Zealand Police, 2011

Oak Park Mall Enforcement Project, Overland Park Police Department (Kansas, USA), 2010

Volunteer Surveillance Team, Los Angeles Police Department (California, USA), 2007

Operation Kensington, Hampshire Constabulary (UK), 2007, Goldstein Award Finalist

Return of the Happy Shopper, Lancashire Constabulary (UK), 2006

Pikes Peak Retail Security Association, Colorado Springs Police Department (Colorado, USA), 2003

Theft Reduction Action Program, Mesa Police Department (Arizona, USA), 2000

Summons Program Project, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Nevada, USA), 1997

The 501 Blues, The La Fripe International Project, San Diego Police Department (California, USA), 1996 

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