Recommended Readings

Readings on Situational Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention Studies

edited by Ronald V. Clarke (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1993, et seq.).

This is a series of volumes of applied and theoretical research on reducing opportunities for crime. Many chapters are evaluations of initiatives to reduce specific crime and disorder problems.

Opportunity Makes the Thief: Practical Theory for Crime Prevention

by Marcus Felson and Ronald V. Clarke (Home Office Police Research Series, Paper No. 98, 1998).

Explains how crime theories such as routine activity theory, rational choice theory and crime pattern theory have practical implications for the police in their efforts to prevent crime.

 Successful Case Studies, Second Edition

Situational Crime Prevention: Successful Case Studies, Second Edition

edited by Ronald V. Clarke (Harrow and Heston, 1997).

The extensive introduction explains the principles and methods of situational crime prevention, and presents over 20 case studies of effective crime prevention initiatives.

Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

Nick Tilley (Willan, 2009).

This book provides a concise and up-to-date account of crime prevention theory, practice and research. What is distinctive in its approach is the emphasis on crime reduction mechanisms, how they may be activated and the intended and unintended patterns of outcome produced.

Problem-Oriented Policing and Crime Prevention, Second Edition

by Anthony A. Braga (2008). Monsey, NY: Criminal Justice Press.

This book provides a thorough review of significant policing research, with a focus on the applicability of those findings to problem-oriented policing. The three parts of the problem analysis triangle are addressed separately, with one chapter concerning problem places, another high-activity offenders, and a third repeat victims. The issue of how police departments can facilitate problem-oriented policing is explored in a chapter that discusses improving crime analysis, measuring performance, and securing productive partnerships.