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Kelly Dedel is the principal of One in 37 Research, Inc., a research and technical assistance firm specializing in juvenile criminal justice issues based in Cody, Wyoming. On behalf of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, she has provided evaluation-related technical assistance to over 60 jurisdictions nationwide, three of which have implemented successful elder abuse programs [the Illinois State Police, the Riverside County (Calif.) District Attorney's Office, and the Spokane County (Wash.) Prosecuting Attorney's Office]. In this capacity, she works with a broad range of criminal justice programs implemented by police, prosecutors, public defenders, local jails, community corrections, and prisons. She also consults with the Justice Department as a monitor/investigator of civil rights violations in juvenile correctional facilities, most often in the area of education. She is on the faculty of the National Judicial College, where she provides judicial training on the consequences of incarcerating juveniles in adult prisons and jails. Among her other research interests are risk assessment and offender classification, and evaluations of community-based supervision for adult and juvenile offenders. Dedel received a bachelor's degree in psychology and criminal justice from the University of Richmond, and a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Center for Psychological Studies, in Berkeley, California.

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