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Jessica Herbert

 Jessica Herbert is the founder of IDEA Analytics, a private firm that conducts process evaluations and strategic planning to help client organizations establish their priorities and achieve their goals. She has cross-sectoral experience building and executing collaborative and strategic programs in public safety, cyber security and technology. She worked as a police detective for a regional organized and violent crimes unit investigating organized identify theft rings using fraudulent cards, stolen personal information, and/or banking credentials to commit multi-million dollar thefts within the United States and international markets. These investigations and pattern analysis of physical and financial transaction patterns informed law enforcement and financial institutions on crime and fraudulent alert algorithms to swiftly identify thefts, decrease money loss, and identify offenders. She has also worked in private industry and academia on cybersecurity and crime sciences. Dr. Herbert holds a bachelor’s in administration of justice and in sociology from George Mason University, a master’s in global security studies from Johns Hopkins University, and a doctorate in criminology and criminal justice from Arizona State University.   

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